Getting Ready with Equipment and Instructions

Here’s what you’ll need to bring for cave tubing.

  • Wear pants or shorts and shirt, t-shirts are good
  • Bathing suit
  • Water shoes with thick soles, sandals (not flip-flops), or old tennis shoes
  • Mosquito repellent (they are not bad)
  • Bug spray — if allergic or are easily bothered
  • Sun screen — if you are sensitive to the sun
  • Towels

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There are bath houses for changing with rest rooms and showers. You can change into your bathing suit after you arrive. You will be fitted with your inner tube, life jacket and headlights. is the first locally owned company to be providing the new required equipment! You’ll get instructions about what to expect before you head down the trail to the river.

An exciting and informative hike

Shortly you will come to the river. You can get wet, take a daring jump from the overhang, and get the feel of the river. This is the place your cave tubing tour will end, also. Soon you’ll cross the river to start your rain forest hike. Your guide will tell you all about the flor (vegetation) and fauna (animals) as you go. Do not worry about the hike. Guides are very considerate and will rush no one, and if people need extra help they are ready and willing. The trails have been filled with smooth rocks, and your shoes, especially if water shoes, should have fairly thick soles. Old tennis shoes are also good. Flip-flops could give you trouble.

And cave tubing begins!

We will always have a guide for every 8 or fewer guests. We will take care of people of all ages. We have all size life-jackets and inner tubes. Weak swimmers and non-swimmers can be accommodated, and we will help them feel comfortable. We hook our groups together for security. Safety is our number one priority. Continue on to next page for more.

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