Vital Nature and Mayan Tours, Ltd.

“The Spirit of the Natural Adventure”

We at Vital Nature and Mayan Tours, Ltd. are committed to seeing that the tours you do with us are of superior quality. The company is registered with the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) and we are members of the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA).

Our vans have passenger liability insurance and our guides are all very good drivers

Our vans have passenger liability insurance and our guides are all very good drivers. Additionally the vans have air-conditioning and a public address system. They are newer model vans, and we check and clean them after every trip, and they are ready for the next tour in tip-top shape.

Our tour company is listed in Destination Belize, a yearly magazine published by the BTIA. We are the Number One Tourist Attraction for Central America on Trip Advisor which many tourists use to decide on hotels, restaurants, and tours. We are also highly recommended in the popular guide book, Lonely Planet.

We do tours for most of the tourist attractions on the mainland, especially in the central and northern area. On every tour we will share our knowledge about our country, our archaeological sites, our history, our culture, and the "flora and fauna." Many consider us "old fashioned guides" who concentrate on giving our guests everything they want, including holding tarantulas or snakes, or tasting a termite (minty).

We specialize in cave tubing tours and will provide guests with the best experience available. This tour takes place at Nohoch Che’en Caves Branch Archaeological Reserve. It includes ongoing information during the tour about Belize, the Maya, and the culture of our country. For the hike in the rain forest, we will point out flora (plant life) and fauna (animal life). We are not just interested in getting you into the river and back out, and for cruise ship passengers we do a three cave tour, the most of any company.

The guides with are in the caves practically every day

Guides Your tour will be with genuine Maya Belizean guides who are licensed. I personally train all of them to assure they are treating our guests and the environment properly. For several years I have trained many cave tubing guides. Some of them are now doing cave tubing with other companies or on their own.

The guides with are in the caves practically every day. Some cave tubing guides are in the caves fewer times a week. The only time we do not go in is when the caves are flooded and this is not very often. And during the rainy season we continually check the caves to be sure the water levels are safe. We will know a day ahead of the scheduled tour that the caves are flooded, and alternate tours will be offered.

We are currently training more guides for our tours. We are certified in cave rescue and cave wilderness techniques. We are always willing to help any guests who need it, even if they are not with our tours.

In May, 2011, all guides with, our group being the first in Belize, participated in a 4 day program of Swift Water Rescue training and received certificates. We were happy to host BDARRT for the lecture and theory provided. The actual training occured at the Caves Branch site.

Here are some images of the actual training.

the best adventure and the best service in the whole country

We pride ourselves on our professionalism, and while we do tours for many attractions on the mainland in Belize, our greatest love is cave tubing. Our ancestors, the Mayas, were the original guardians of the caves. We were there when the cave tubing adventure originated. This, with our experience and expertise, makes us cave tubing pioneers. We are committed to serve you, not because of the money, but because we are passionate about what we do. We like to say "We do our work with love." We are providing the best adventure and the best service in the whole country at the best price.

For our tours we provide bottled water, soft drinks, and rum punch after cave tubing. In our own restaurant we serve lunch, which is Belize’s most popular meal of stewed chicken and rice and beans cooked in coconut milk. We use my Maya grandmother’s recipe, the food is prepared by family members, and we make sure you have plenty.


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